Daftmill Distillery




The Cuthbert family have grown malting barley in the Howe of Fife for six generations.

However, with the completion of a new micro-distillery on the farm, the family now hope to capture the spirit of the land in a bottle.




Daftmill is a family farm where, besides distilling whisky, we grow potatoes, malting barley and have a fine herd of beef cattle.

Daftmill Distillery







2003 - in 2003 we applied for planning permission to turn the old mill buildings, which date back to Napoleonic times, into a distillery.

So why the “daft” name?

Because of the local topography the stream appears to run uphill!

So local people called this backward-running burn the “Daft” Burn.

Inevitably, the mill that it powered became known as “Daft Mill”.

Rest assured the end product trickles down the throat in a most pleasing manner!



All distilleries in Scotland require a license from Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs.

Granted its license on St Andrews Day 2005, Daftmill is one of the newest distilleries to open in Scotland.












Harvesting beside the distillery




The whisky produced is not only made from malting barley grown on the farm, but is also made using water from Daftmill’s own natural spring.






Water Tower








Our historic water tower with a mist-clad West Lomond in the background.






The Duck Pond





Helping the Environment

In addition, nothing is wasted in the distilling process as spent grains, “draff”, is fed to cattle on the farm, effluent produced is used as a fertiliser and hot water is pumped into the farm’s duck pond, which ensures that the surface does not freeze over during the winter.




Cows garzing next to the distillery










Top class whisky - no bull!